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Our continuous journey spanning a decade in the quest for transcendence has transformed our platform for innovation leaders into the highly acclaimed and hugely popular conferences globally; it has become the industry reference in delivering practical and actionable insights.
The core value of the WIC experience is built upon three principles; innovation, practicality, proof. WIC celebrates those who had time and time again generated new ideas and innovations that have been industry leaders.
Proudly held in the city of Berlin, the WIC offers attendees the chance to engage directly ‘on the ground’ with the German, European, and wider international innovation community.
As the largest city in Germany, the second largest metropolis in the European Union, and a veritable hub of culture, design, and style and start-ups, the WIC and its host city offers an unforgettable and truly essential experience for all who aspire to lead anew the next era of innovation in business.
We operate from the vibrant city of Amsterdam, consisting of creative professionals who have one passion in common to go beyond the norm; we are disruptors, thinkers, visionaries and above all good humans with a strong mission to sustainability and green planet.

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Great thing about conference is the great global diversity, diversity in type of industries and type of companies that are participating, very rewarding experience
Marie-Caroline Chauvet, Partner, Insigniam
Collection of speakers at the highest level you can imagine, excellent opportunity to network with experts from different industries, great learning experience in terms of how other companies are applying innovation processes.
Frank Stephenson, Design director, McLaren
This event is really important, combining innovation and creativity, taking us to 21st century to meet the future, involving different stakeholders that are shaping the turf.
Rene T. Lydiksen, Managing Director, Lego Education International