Accelerating Transformation ( Duration: 60 minutes) How can innovation leaders shape and accelerate corporate transformation? GET Three New Innovation Tools

This hands-on, highly interactive workshop will give you 60 minutes of hands-on introduction to three new Strategy & Innovation tools. We will explore how innovation leaders can help accelerate transformation in any organization.
We believe deep, strategic transformation, not just “innovation” will be the number one challenge for innovation leaders in the coming decade. Increasing globalization, digital competition, well-capitalized startups and an overall increasing pace of innovation across any industry landscape puts huge pressure on top management and innovation leaders everywhere.

Over the past seven years, the team at Engage // Innovate has been exploring, developing and researching new Strategy Tools – tools that enable deep strategic transformation. Having successfully put these tools to the test across oil & gas, energy, consulting, utilities, government services, FMCG and beyond, the tools are now becoming mainstream working tools for strategy and innovation leaders worldwide.

In this 60 minute workshop you will get an introduction to how you can put these tools to work to help accelerate transformation in your own organization.

Work on your own innovation challenges
Design rapid action strategies
Learn to use three key innovation tools
Industry Shifts Map
The Transformation Test
Transformation Architecture

About Christian Rangen

Mr. Christian Rangen is a global keynote speaker, business school faculty, workshop facilitator and innovation advisor. He works with top management, governments and strategy & innovation directors to drive faster innovation in large organizations and beyond. A large part of his work focusses on helping clients understand disruptive industry shifts and design future-fit growth strategies to harness these trends. This work has taken his clients into solar energy, electric vehicles, passenger drones, smart city and a host of new high-growth business models.
Working with client top management, Christian and his team helps create and scale significant transformation strategies that help reinvent and transform the client for the future.
Christian’s recent work includes:
Strategic Business Innovation Bootcamp – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mastering Business Model Innovation – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Reinventing Mobility through technology – Oslo, Norway
Innovation Management Training Program – Oslo, Norway
Global clients include Airbus, Cisco, Statoil, NSB, TNB, PWC, Malaysia Creativity and Innovation Center (MaGIC).
Christian has also led the seven year R&D project Strategy Tools to help design new strategy & innovation tools for the future.  Get your free toolkit at Christian can be reached at and