Design Thinking and Business Model for Decreased Perceived Innovation Risk interactive session ( Duration: 60 minutes)

In this session, we will introduce Design Thinking, Business Model canvas, and Business Value Proposition.

Design Thinking is a great human-centered framework for creative innovation; however, we still don’t see many of the resulting ideas to fruition. Why is that?

Even the most amazing prototypes fall victim to business thinking that is so ubiquitous in most companies, and especially the large ones.

Going through the human desirability and technological feasibility is not enough to push these potential gems over the corporate scrutiny hump.

We will present how Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition can act as a perfect bridge from creative and technological mindsets to often risk-averse business thinking.

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Conducted by: Adam Radziszewski

Adam Radziszewski has been in numerous innovation leading roles in large companies (Life Sciences, Insurance, Beauty) and his own consulting firm. Recently, he accepted a position at ‘Johnson & Johnson’ to help the R&D cultivate innovative mindset in connection with the PMO function. He has seen many faces of innovation, witness frequent attempts to squash creative ideas, and felt the passive-aggressive attitude towards innovation.

Rather than continuing to try to penetrate the business-driven mindsets with dazzling creative answers, he decided to merge Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Business Model concepts to increase the success of transformative ideas being accepted even in the most skeptical environments.

Recently, Adam created business model for a Virtual Reality business, and operated revenue generating HTC Vive Virtual Reality arcade ( In his spare time, and inspired by his kids, he has returned to his developer roots and created HTC Vive VR game ‘The Last Sorcerer’.

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