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The Crazytivity Workshop – Interactive ( Duration: 90 minutes)

During a conference, the main goal is to inspire the audience to take action, to do the first steps. And in my conference on creativity, I don’t have the time nor the ambition to give a complete training and numerous tools.

This is why I have created the Crazytivity Workshop. The aim is to apply and work with concrete tools that will allow the participants to break the barriers we all have when we need to find new ideas. The program is therefore conceived so that each employee, manager or leader can learn to generate his own ideas or to solve any problems even –and especially, when he is not inspired.

It doesn’t matter if the participants are already creative or not at all because the aimof the workshop is to give unconventional tools that artists and especially magicians use every day.Conducted by: Butzi

International Keynote Speaker and TEDx speaker, Butzi uses his magicians’ skills and experience to empower his audiences to be more creative and bold. For years, he has worked with companies presenting his conferences and workshops, to help each participant unleash his most innovative and entrepreneurial self.

To achieve that, he reveals the world’s top magicians’ secrets and techniques, and brings the participants in his magical world to have a stronger impact on them. The aim is to inspire his audiences to show them that everything is possible if you have the right mindset and tools.

After creating original magic shows in the corporate world for years and writing articles for his fellow magicians in the American magazine «Vanish» and the British magazine «Secrets», Butzi wrote his own book called: “Creativity for Magicians”. A complete guide gathering 12 illusions and tools he has created detailing his creative process so the readers can learn the tools to be creative.

Butzi also shares his expertise on creativity and other subjects through the Las Vegas based McBride magic and mystery school’s web TV show, broadcast to hundreds of students around the world.

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