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Building the Transformational Company–The Tool Workshop ( Duration 90 minutes)

Strategy -Transformation -corporate innovation

Get the tools so you can start building the Transformational Company

Hands-on, 90 minute workshop with the very latest tools and thinking on how to build a Transformational Company.

We have continued to explore, research and work on significant transformation strategy projects in Europe and beyond. This work has led us energy companies in Asia, aviation companies in Europe, Board rooms in the Middle East and emerging transformation programs across the Americas.

Throughout these journeys, we have met with 1000’s and 1000’s of people across industries and organizational hierarchies, all sharing a desire to better understand how to successfully lead transformation. From Corporate Startups Teams in Europe, Transformation offices in Malaysia and Chief Strategy Officers in the Nordics; These insights have fueled new strategy tools, strategy simulations and new strategy processes.

Looking ahead, we are convinced large companies will need to build entirely new mindsets and capabilities around strategy. In line with renowned consulting company Innosight, we expect to see the rate of disruption to pick up, the life-time of large companies to decrease and transformation to become the new normal. This will force us to change how we teach strategy, how companies think about strategy and how strategy leaders prepare their companies for the future.

Conducted by:Christian Rangen

Founder,Engage & Innovate

Christian Rangen is a strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters and governments around the world. His clients span oil &gas, energy, technology, telecom, aviation, mobility, finance, consulting and national governments. His most recent work is Building the Transformational Company –a new playbook on strategy & transformation. His field of expertise span strategy, corporate transformation, entrepreneurship, venture capital and accelerating national transformation.

He has developed significant methodologies and frameworks within these fields.

Over the past five years, a large part of his work has gone into exploring, researching and building Innovation Superclusters. This work has taken him to Asian Governments, European ecosystems and Norwegian growth industries post-oil & gas. He is currently involved with Innovation Supercluster projects in Europe, Africa, Latin Americaand Asia.

Christian Rangen is founder of Engage // Innovate–a global strategy & innovation consulting company and Strategy Tools–the modern strategist’s platform.

Christian resides in Norway with his family and two young children.

Corporate Address: B2BEUROPE, Kingsfordweg 151, 1043GR, Amsterdam ( The Netherlands )

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