Dr.Michael Durst

Dr.Michael Durst

Dr.Michael Durst

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ITONICS GmbH


Mike founded ITONICS in 2009 to create an enterprise software suite covering all aspects of the Front End of Innovation. This includes trend and technology scouting and management, open and closed ideation, co-creation, corporate foresight, innovation portfolio management and integrated roadmapping.

Until today ITONICS is growing fast and strong. 3 offices and clients from 7 countries and nearly all industries prove that our solutions provide high value to sustain and boost the competitive position. Our clients are all world market leaders and use our tools to implement innovation programs around the globe.

Aside of on-premise, fully integrated systems we also offer SaaS including content plans to start fast and establish the innovation function in a sustainable manner.


Innovate or Die – A Systematic Approach to Innovation