Eduardo Gomez Ruiz

Eduardo Gomez Ruiz

Eduardo Gomez Ruiz

Global Head of Research, Uber


Eduardo Gomez Ruiz is Uber’s Global Head of Research, Driver Loyalty. Specialized in multi-market research studies, he has completed 6 rounds of simultaneous studies to deliver high-quality strategic insights to Uber’s Product and Business Leaders, along with building scalable processes that allow anyone in the company to become a user expert.

Prior to Uber, he has worked as a Business strategist and Service Designer in two boutique consultancy firms supporting companies like Google, Mitsubishi Electric or Endesa. Eduardo holds a MEng cum laude degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from IE Business School, where he facilitates Design Thinking workshops and Design Sprints.


Building Uber Pro, a program to recognize the best drivers
Over 2018, Uber built Uber Pro, a new rewards program that recognizes drivers’ quality & commitment, so they can reach their goals—on and off the road. We launched Uber Pro in 8 US markets in November and we set a research process to improve Uber Pro together with drivers, with the goal of rolling it out to more people in the months ahead.

In this presentation, Eduardo and Ali will share the internal process of building, testing, launching and iterating on Uber Pro.