Katherine Crisp

Katherine Crisp

Katherine Crisp

Head of Strategy & Innovation, Unicef UK


Katherine Crisp is Head of Innovation & Strategy at Unicef UK.  This includes charting an organisational path into the future (the strategy bit) and supporting everyone to be ready for it (the innovation bit). Katherine has developed Unicef UK’s overall innovation strategy and oversees delivery across all directorates. She also enables organisational capacity building around innovation, managing an innovation fund, delivering training and developing a network of innovation facilitators to empower ‘everyday innovation’ across the organisation.
Katherine is a part of Unicef’s wider global innovation team, brokering resources from the UK to deliver programmes in other countries and representing Unicef UK on the steering committee of Unicef’s Global Innovation Centre, which focuses on scaling up proven innovations across Unicef.
Katherine’s previous experience spans the private, public and voluntary sector, having initially qualified and worked as an engineer, before moving into strategy consultancy. She then worked with grassroots organisations in India on sustainable livelihood development, before joining Scope, a UK disability charity, leading the development and financing of a number of new service models to support disabled children and their families.



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