Meeta Vouk

Meeta Vouk

Meeta Vouk

Chief Digital Officer Blockchain Tech, IBM


Meeta Vouk, Phd, is the Chief Digital Officer of Blockchain Technologies at IBM.

Meeta leads the data group for blockchain and is responsible for managing the business unit’s Global business data, data governance, market insights, customer feedback, and business strategy using data.

As a product officer, Meeta led the delivery of industry leading IBM Blockchain Platform to the market (Gartner). Her work on Blockchain earned her a spot in the top 5 data officers of 2016 by
Innovation Enterprise Magazine.

Previously, Meeta was the Chief Technology Officer
of Innovation for IBM Middleware where she led the Emerging Technology Institute.

Her work involved incubating business units, business acquisitions and delivering innovative technology MVPs (Enterprise IoT, High Performance Messaging Appliances, Business Hub, Blockchain). Meeta is the founder of Garage Inc., an idea incubator geared towards teaching kids to be social entrepreneurs.

Meeta is an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University and has been teaching advanced graduate computer chip design courses for 12 years. Her course has been adopted by 27 universities across the world and her students are leading
hardware verification and design at many of the technology fortune 100 companies.