Rinat Guy

Rinat Guy

Rinat Guy

Chief Innovation Officer, Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo


Rinat Guy is the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) at the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.
Ms. Guy was previously a member of the board of directors of Tel Aviv Global; a Municipality owned company dedicated to elevating the city’s global positioning. For the last 25 years, Ms. Guy dedicated her time to public work while holding key positions at Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. Ms. Guy is often invited to lecture about “Urban Innovation” at The Universities of Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ben Gurion University as well as companies and municipalities worldwide. Government offices, New York, London, South Korea naming a few.
Over the last five years Ms. Guy has been leading the Innovation program, including among others: establishing the “Inno-Coaching Team”, building ideation and implementation processes, promoting innovative projects in the city and the municipality, as well as supporting start-up companies and accompanying educational entrepreneurship platforms in schools around the city.

As CIO of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Ms. Guy directs a strategic task force, in charge of positioning Tel Aviv-Yafo as Israel’s international Innovation City. In November 2017, Tel Aviv-Yafo won the second place at the 2017 European Capital of Innovation competition.
Since 2016 Miss Guy has been an appointed advisory board member of the London Smart to Future City.
Ms. Guy’s mission is to transform the innovation program into an integral part of the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipal DNA in ways that involve both the municipality workforce and the city inhabitants.

Ms. Guy’s guiding vision is to foster an inclusive spirit of innovation, where all members of the entire urban ecosystem engage in collaborative initiatives that can be potentially implemented and scaled with the aim to address city challenges and improve the quality of life and the human urban fabric


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