The X-preneuership’s Thinking?– interactive session ( Duration: 120 minutes)

From Employee to Intrapreneur – Learning from Entrepreneurs!

When Entrepreneurs and future-to-be Intrapreneurs work together, the team can surpass itself. It is not about employer and employee anymore but about team work on equal terms. Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs may have to face different difficulties; however, both sides master new skills and learn to look at a problem from a new point of view.

Once companies have decided to start an intraXpreneurship program, they have to choose the right means in order to succeed. This especially includes mindset changes, constant support,  coaching, encouragement and open doors through internal gate keepers. Looking from an holistic point of view at how intrapreneurship & innovation programs can best be integrated in the working culture, we will deep dive into insights by entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. At the Innovation Conference we will interactively explore new possibilities for your company individually.

Conducted by: Natalie Kho

Natalie is an intrapreneur & entrepreneur by live. She is an expert in conceptual design, ramping up & running of acceleration programs. Previously she ran the LMU Entrepreneurship Center being responsible for the partner management, business development and startup incubation. More than 700 startups have been screened by her in the last two years and she coached more than 100 teams individually. Natalie is a designer of perspectives and creates (thinking) spaces for innovation to happen. She gained her professional experiences in Bayer Inhouse Consulting, Robert Bosch, Telefónica Germany as well as a founder in several startup projects herself, such as the founding of the open societal innovation platform “Cool Ideas Society” in Germany.

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