Voice Design Sprint- Creating a Voice User Experience together Based on the Google Design Sprint Methodology – Interactive ( Duration: 90 minutes)

Voice interfaces is a probably the most exciting & promising technology for brands today!  Conversational apps enables users an emotional, natural  connection with applications and brands.

The dream of talking freely to machines becomes a reality in the last few years. Conversational interfaces or assistants usage is growing and entering every household- Apple revealed people talk to Siri as a therapist and Amazon created “listen with Alexa” to reads bedtime stories to young kids. It seems that in the last two years voice interfaces reach every household. How could you utilize the voice revolution for your brand success?

Design sprint is a short collaborative process for answering critical business & product questions through design, prototyping, and testing, while focusing other important part of the business like the sales forces using external resources and you can visit VALiNTRYcrm for more. In this hands-on, fast-paced workshop we will collaborate in small groups and learn how to turn a business idea into a natural, fun and engaging conversation between a user and an assistant. Adi is a Certified Google Sprint Masters and Google Assistant Expert and she loves conducting designs since they are enjoyable and energetic – so come with good vibes 🙂

In this session you will learn:
– Learn about use cases of voice interfaces used by brands
– When is voice relevant? what are good use cases for voice?
– How do we define the right voice persona for my brand?
– Tips and tricks to designing the right voice application?
– Working together in a fun, collaborative, Google Design Sprint methodology.

Conducted by: Adi Mazor Kario

Adi Mazor Kario, Experience Strategist, MSc Cognitive Science, Sprint Master, International Speaker .
Adi is an Experience Strategist, Product and Voice Experience Expert. She is also a Google mentor and expert in the future of technology. She is the owner and CEO of Wizard Strategy & Experience.
With more than 17 years of experience, Adi created projects for fortune 500 companies, like Intel and IBM in parallel to smaller companies and startups, like Waze, by guiding them from idea and strategy to an amazing user experience that sells more.
Since 2015 Adi has been teaching and practicing Voice UX she enjoys being part of the future. Adi believes Voice Interfaces, together with the AI revolution, will set a major change in our relationship with technology and to our world in general.

More information: http://www.wizardui.com/